Our Enemy, Konami

Recently Konami sent a cease and desist order to our friends at BYOND to get them to take down Duel Monsters Unlimited. This gives us an excellent time to contemplate the nature of this entity known as Konami and its relationship with the game of Yugioh.

This organization known as Konami claims a monopoly right over Yugioh. No one is to buy or sell yugioh cards or products without Konami’s permission. In this way Konami functions like organized crime with yugioh as its product. If you dare to compete with it you will be met with violence. And as this case shows, there will be violence.

“What do you mean Konami is violent?” you may ask. And I will respond, what is a cease and desist order but a threat of violence? What is that? You do not see the violence? Ah, they have done a good job hiding it indeed but there is an elephant in the room and it is a gun.

Let me show you. According to wikipedia, a cease and desist order is “an order or request to halt an activity, or else face legal action”. And what is legal action but violence? If BYOND did not comply with Konami and they took them to court and found them “guilty” BYOND would be ordered to stop competing and pay Konami money and if they refused they would face dire consequences. A cease and desist order then is a threat of violence, “get off our turf or we will mess you up”.

Like a shopkeeper hiring the mob to threaten neighboring shops, Konami does not compete, it strong-arms.

Konami has constantly assailed the consumer in numerous ways. Through ridiculous prices for what amounts to little more than slips of cardboard, through horrendous banned lists and through the worst card design that has ever befallen a game.

But, you say without Konami where would we be? Surely Konami has been the greatest benefactor of the Yugioh players. It provides us with tournaments, cards and banned lists.

And I reply, that there is one thing which Konami is good at. It is good at crippling you, handing you a crutch and then convincing you that you couldn’t walk without its help. It is indeed true that Konami provides us with services but it does so only after having secured its monopoly.

A highwayman waylays a man in an isolated place, springing upon him from the roadside holding a pistol to his head. “Your money or your life.” The robber claims no right over the money nor any great dignity beyond what he is. But as he takes the money he leaves the man and pesters him no more.

Konami, however, has no such dignity. It is always and everyone holding the gun.

“Any animal however loathsome will resist if stepped upon. Are men less than snails or worms? I have some resistance in me, I know that you have. You have been robbed.” – Haymarket Martyr

“The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Come, let us rise.” – Mikhail Bakunin

“I do not ask that you place your hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.” – Etienne de la Boettie


4 Responses to “Our Enemy, Konami”

  1. I fail to see why BYOND is a threat to them.

  2. You are a dick Says:

    This is potentially the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Konami owns yugioh. If you don’t want to pay for the cards, play something else, or buy some of the millions of fake cards that are produced. Fucking retard.



  4. Elex127 Says:

    I can’t see the point of the 2 commentors under the names: “You are a dick” and “You’re a piece of shit” since this is a valid argument and if it should be critisised, it should be done with another valid argument.

    And the argument “Konami owns Yu-Gi-Oh” is not counted since does that allow Konami to threathen people with violence?

    Now the matter at hand:
    The problem is not Konami, its the culture that not only allows but supports and promotes this kind of egoistical behaviour.
    Because of the cultural values in our culture, people usually like attention and glory, as well as being picked-up from the gray mass. Some try to do it in politics, others in sports or as celebrities. Some by winning the YCS. This is the best way for things to be, right? Wrong! The competitive culture we live in makes us try to be the best and as there can only be 1 winner there is bound to be many losers. This can lead to depression and losing sight what is important In Yu-Gi-Oh! and in activities that are made for similar goals. It is a way of social interaction, a way to have fun.

    Also the culture promotes racism, not as in Nazis or other racial-based versions of in-equality. This culture makes the winner supreme and with the power to mock and laugh at others who have not won YCS or are not rich. But How did someone climb to the top of the hill? By trampling on others. And crushing their hopes and dreams of winning.

    Gladly this has not YET transformed into a notable issue.

    In my opinion, the goal is not to defeat everyone else and get the Prizes,(as Konami wants us to believe) it is to feel succesfull in your own goals. For exemple, I have been using my Salvo Deck quite succefully over the past 2-3 formats. I still lose to plants, GKs and Sams sometimes, but Its ok, since I have built the deck from scratch. While Six Samurais are more consistent in winning, I can win thanks to my own build. This causes me to have fun, even if I’m losing, and so I have achieved my goal in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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